About Us

The name ArthaYantra has a special significance in Indian history and is derived from the famous historical book Arthashastra written by the great Indian philosopher, Kautilya over 2000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Artha means Wealth and Yantra means an Instrument. Literally translated ArthaYantra means an Instrument that enables creation of Wealth.

What we do

ArthaYantra Corporation Pvt. Ltd. was started by two of ISB Alumni, Nitin Vyakaranam & Sunil Lingareddy. The journey started with finding answers to questions like:

    1. I earn so much, where does my money go?
    2. Can I refinance my home loan?
    3. Have I made financial mistakes in the past?
    4. When should I start saving?
    5. I want to grow my money, how?
    6. I have some financial goals, I don’t know how to achieve them

During the quest to find answers for these questions, we came to realize that these are the questions every common man faces. But the Irony is these questions by and large remain unanswered because of the fact that a common man lacks access to quality personal financial advice. The major hindrance when it comes to access to quality advice are: cost and transparency. ArthaYantra set out on a mission to make this quality personal financial advice accessible to every common man irrespective of what they earn and provide transparency in the personal finance domain which otherwise is by and large transactional in nature.

How we do it

ArthaYantra provides unbiased and realistic advice on all aspects of personal finance. We use our Proprietary service Personal Financial Lifecycle Management (PFLM). We have designed an online web application, ARTHOS based on PFLMTM which helps every common man to Plan, Execute and Manage finances at one place.

  1. Plan: This section helps you have a personalized and sustainable financial plan to channelize your finances better in order to achieve your financial goals.
  2. Execute: This section helps you execute the recommendations made in the plan. In simple terms you execute the financial plan by buying specific, recommended financial instruments available in the industry which best suit your plan.
  3. Manage/Monitor: This section enables you to keep a track of performance of all your instruments bought under Execute and their impact towards achieving your financial goals.

The entire personal finance industry in India is at the Execute stage, where only the sale of Financial Instruments takes place. There is no specific Plan that leads towards achievement of the Financial Goals the individual has. Instead he lands with Instruments which are not in sync with his Goals at all.

Who we are
Our Vision, Mission and Values -

"To become the most trusted Personal Finance advisor of every Indian"

" Provide quality financial advice to every common man irrespective of his/her income."


  1. Consistent, Transparent and Unbiased
  2. Customer First, Always!
  3. Focus on Financial Discipline

About Us

ArthaYantra is an online financial planning firm dedicated to make unbiased, holistic and high quality financial advice accessible to everyone in India.

The financial advice offered by ArthaYantra connects all aspects of financial planning and helps individuals take holistic and merit based financial decisions to achieve their life goals.

Arthos is a patented online financial planning platform that replaces traditional human financial advisor and provides holistic advice instantly.

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