Correcting the Past Financial Mistakes

How to correct past financial mistakes


A life free of financial uncertainty. ..Quality time with family. …Personal financial goals whether marriage, education, setting up a business, taking a break from work, owning a home, etc. – all can be achieved if planned well…. This and much more is possible if you have a personal CFO whom you can rely upon. This is where we step in. We tackle your financial uncertainty by first ascertaining the ill-informed financial choices made by you in the past. Financial security is possible only if past mistakes are erased and a fresh beginning is made with a clean slate. It could be an ill-advised purchase of an insurance policy, an unnecessary purchase of a house, investments gone wrong or simply a matter of excessive spending. We analyse your financial situation and advise you.

Our online personal finance planning software ARTHOS helps you get rid of the baggage of past financial mistakes and channelize your financials towards achieving your goals.

At Artha Yantra, we help you to secure your financial future by our objectivity in advice and expertise coupled with transparency in transaction. Our expert financial advisors analyze all your existing investments and evaluates them based on their merit. It helps you in not only recognizing the financial mistakes made in the past but also recommends the necessary steps to correct them.

About Us

ArthaYantra is an online financial planning firm dedicated to make unbiased, holistic and high quality financial advice accessible to everyone in India.

The financial advice offered by ArthaYantra connects all aspects of financial planning and helps individuals take holistic and merit based financial decisions to achieve their life goals.

Arthos is a patented online financial planning platform that replaces traditional human financial advisor and provides holistic advice instantly.

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