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financial decisions every year…


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We Help You Meet your Financial Goals

An average Indian family needs in excess of Rs 6 Crores to meet all their future aspirations! We help you to identify, prioritize and quantify your Future Goals and then we work with you to reach there!

Check How Much Money You will need to meet Your Goals!

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Holistic Advice That Covers All Aspects of Personal Finance

Our Certified Financial planner first increases the money you can invest by analysing your existing expenses, Insurances, Assets and Liabilities by using our Machine learning based technology.

We Then build a custom portfolio that is tailored for you and your Goals by running over 15 millions simulation, so that you can meet your financial Goals.

Expense Management

The first step of financial management. In this section you will know how to optimise expenses and increase your surplus

Tax Advice

We analyse your income and savings information, to create a tax assessment, with advice on ways to save tax

Emergency and Insurance Advice

We look at your current expenses and Goals in life, and then advise you on your life and medical insurance. This would also include potential instruments you can buy

Financial Goal Advice

We look at your current financial state and investment assets, to prescribe detailed recommendations on meeting each goal, in terms of savings

Investment Advice

We look at your current financial state, future goals and risk appetite, to arrive at your customised portfolio recommendation for you to make investments, and also provide the platform for making investments

Loan Advice

We take a look at your loans, and advise you on retiring your loans, or refinancing your loans

Get Custom Built Mutual Fund Portfolio That Outperforms Market

We run 90 million simulations before suggesting the right asset allocation

Source: Publicly available data on Nifty and MF NAVs.

Graph is growth of `1,00,000 of one time purchase in AY’s LTMA portfolio tracking the growth of individual funds in the portfolio over a period of 7 years.
Nifty’s graph is the Nifty50 rescaled to 1,00,000 over a period of 7 years.
The graph does not account for the rebalancing services offered by AY.
The graph does not account for taxes and as such should not be interpreted as the actual realized money for an investment. The graph is only an indicator of the AY LTMA portfolio’s performance vis-a-vis that of nifty.
1 Yr Return21.41%29.10%
3 Yr Return21.44%16.95%
5 Yr Return19.18%16.46%

Returns that consistently outperform the market

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Our Biggest Treasure Is Our Satisfied Customers

95% of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services.

64% of our customers refer us to their friends and family.

  • Even though we pretend to be a know-it-all among our peers, when it comes to money, it’s better to take the advice of experts. ArthaYantra’s financial advisors went out of their way to explain to me the process by which I can reach my financial goals.Their strategy helped me fight inflation and make fruitful investments. Moreover they made me realize how I was spending more and helped me cut down on unnecessary expenses thus increasing my monthly surplus. At the end of the day, money makes more money! So, thank you team ArthaYantra for your wonderful service.

    Indranil Mondal
    26 years, Kolkata

  • “Today, it is tough to get an unbiased financial advice but ArthaYantra helped me to know where I went wrong in my finances. To have this kind of financial service available for Senior Citizens will help us to save better for post-retired life. I can see an improvement in my finances after taking their advice and would recommend them to my friends and family members.”

    Jai Raj
    59 years, Chennai

  • “ArthaYantra’s financial advice has brought a significant change in my approach towards managing my personal finance. They customized my portfolio according to my goals and needs. Their consistent review and rebalancing of portfolio has increased my savings by helping to prevent leakage of my money. I recommend ArthaYantra to every Senior Citizen as we can access it easily and their advice is reliable.”

    Dinesh Shrivastava
    58 Years, Hyderabad

  • “I Signed up to ArthaYantra when I got my first job. Started to save through them from my first salary. ArthaYantra has helped me to set clear financial goals and save for them. My savings will only increase from here.”

    Nipun Kanade
    23 Years, Indore

  • “I chose ArthaYantra as my financial advisor to save money for my family right from first salary. After taking ArthaYantra’s advice I could save money optimally and could relate where I would stand financially in future. Recommended to all working individuals.”

    Srinivasu Nalla
    22 Years, Hyderabad

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