We Make Sure You Reach Your Financial Goals

We Help You Meet your Financial Goals

An avg Indian family needs in excess of Rs 6 Crore to meet all their future aspiration! We help you to identify, prioritize and quantify your Future Goals and then we work with you to reach there! Read More

We Plan for Financial Emergencies

97% of Emergencies result in financial bankruptcy for the family. Our Customers are financially prepared to face emergencies like Loss of job, hospitalization and loss of life. Read More

We Put More Money in Your Pocket

Money Saved is Money Earned! On Avg we increase our Customer's saving by 21% by using properiatory technology to analyse right from those little restaurant spends to money draining financial investments! Read More

We Partner For Life

Effective financial management needs continuous hand holding for life. We review your financial plan every 6 months and continuously make dynamic adjustments to reach your financial goals. Read More

Build Superior Investment Strategy

We make best of Modern Finance & Technology work for you. Basis Your Goals, Risk profile & Financial details we run over 15 million simulations to create a custom portfolio that meets Your needs! Read More

Your Financial Life in One Place

All aspects of finances are interconnected in life. They don't exist in silos which is why we made One platform to build, implement and manage all your financial decisions. Read More

Enabling 4,25,000 financial goals. Ready to reach your goals ?

Artificial Intelligence + Human Experts = Quality Financial Advice

World’s Only Full Service Robo Advisor

Patented and Trademarked Methodologies, Models and Frameworks

Deep Insights on Personal Finance Research

Connect All Aspects of Personal Finance, Give Holistic And Unbiased Advice

Experts from Wall Street delivering Hedge Fund and Institutional Level Advice For You

World class advice is now within you reach

Financial Advisory Services

Holistic Advice That Covers All Aspects of Personal Finance

Expense Management

The first step of financial management. In this section you will know how to optimise expenses and increase your surplus

Emergency and Insurance Advice

We look at your current expenses and Goals in life, and then advise you on your life and medical insurance. This would also include potential instruments you can buy

Investment Advice

We look at your current financial state, future goals and risk appetite, to arrive at your customised portfolio recommendation for you to make investments, and also provide the platform for making investments

Tax Advice

We analyse your income and savings information, to create a tax assessment, with advice on ways to save tax

Financial Goal Advice

We look at your current financial state and investment assets, to prescribe detailed recommendations on meeting each goal, in terms of savings

Loan Advice

We take a look at your loans, and advise you on retiring your loans, or refinancing your loans

Global Recognition

Cool Vendor, 2016 by Gartner

Cool Vendor, 2016 by Gartner

Only FinTech Firm to make it to the list for Digital Innovation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
A Red Herring Global Top 100 winner

Red Herring

A Red Herring Global Top 100 winner

Awarded as Top 100 Technology companies in the world

Cities across
30 Countries
Financial Goals being achieved
4 Patents
6 Trademarks

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Our name is inspired from the famous historical book Arthashastra, written by the great Indian philosopher Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. 350-275 BCE) over 2,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Artha means wealth and Yantra means an Instrument. Literally translated, ArthaYantra means an Instrument that enables the creation of wealth and all round prosperity

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