Linking of Aadhaar details in Mutual fund Investments

Pursuant to the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) notification dated 1st June 2017, issued by the Ministry of Finance, all investors (new and existing) will be required to mandatorily provide / update their Aadhaar numbers for all holders in any folio, before 31st December 2017. Failing this, the folio would be locked as a “Non-Operative Account” for any further transactions.

How can you update Aadhaar details?

Aadhaar number can be updated by the following modes:

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 Update Aadhaar details in

CAMS – Click here
Karvy – Click here
Franklin – Click here
Sundaram – Click here


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Submit this form, duly filled and signed by the investor to the nearest Karvy / CAMS Investor Service Centre (Locate). Please use separate forms for each holder.


Post submission of your Aadhaar information through any of the modes specified below, your Aadhaar number will be linked in the respective Mutual Funds database after due verification & authentication as per PMLA requirements and you will get separate confirmation after such links.

Incase of any queries or assistance please reach us at

+91-9100123693 or