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Saving for your child’s education is one of the most important task for every parent while doing financial planning to meet other requirements like buy a car and a house or plan for medical emergencies and retirement.

It is every parent’s dream to ensure that their children get the best education from reputed institutes and are free to choose their career options without any financial constraints.

Child Plan VS Mutual Fund Investment

Traditional Child Plans give only 3.8% Returns!

It is scary how many parents buy traditional child plans to secure their children’s future which don’t even beat inflation @ 7%. This leads to not meeting the future fund requirements as many do not select the right child education plan. On the other hand, a diversified portfolio would ensure enough funds.

A best child plan is one which beats inflation and yields enough funds for a child to think of higher education.


Common Mistakes In Saving For Child Plan:

Underestimating the amount of money to be saved.

Not understanding the returns required to meet the goals.

Combining insurance and investments together.

Ignoring Education Inflation.

Making buy decisions by feeling guilty.

Relying on non-experts for advice.

We Make Sure Your Children Have Enough Funds

To be able to select the best investment plan for your child, it is important to have a Financial Advisor guiding you by your side and keeping a close watch on your investment goals. We, at ArthaYantra, believe in connecting all the dots of your finances, consider your expenses, income, assets and liabilities before providing you with a holistic advice. As we understand that in real life, all financial aspects are interconnected. However, while buying a financial product, we do not keep that in mind. Hence it is important to take help from certified professionals.

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Our Biggest Treasure Is Our Satisfied Customers

95% of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services.

64% of our customers refer us to their friends and family.

  • “ArthaYantra is an innovative idea and provides good advisory. Their platform is very easy to use and informative.”

    Animesh Naskar

  • “Arthayantra has very sincere, intelligent and prudent Certified Financial Planners. I am very happy with the advice given to me. The advice has improved 80% of my financial state thereby having a positive impact on my financial life “

    Ranjan Ghosal
    West Bengal

  • “ArthaYantra’s concept of doing the financial planning showed me a realistic picture of my goals before starting to invest. I liked the whole idea. Website design is very simple and intuitive to use. Service is also very responsive.”

    Digvijay Anand

  • “ArthaYantra gives me a platform where my financial thoughts/decisions are more disciplined and I can work towards fulfilling my goals. The product is very good with useful features such as mapping your assets to goals, it provided me with a financial score that helps track progress, importantly advisory services from the team are excellent.”

    Sudheer Sharma Goda

  • “The people at ArthaYantra are well experienced specially my financial planner Abhilashini and my manager Sneha. They are very prompt and helped me understand the right way to mitigate risk and secure my family with right investments.”

    Sandeep Pande

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