Rajat Mittal
2013-10-03, 11:06
Financial Literacy came only after using ArthaYantra’s Online personal finance tool, Arthos. The detailed Analysis reports are very good, elaborate & help to understand and make our goals achievable. Their client understanding is very high.
Uma Shankar. R
2013-09-07, 10:12
I am extremely happy with the approach and also the services provided by ArthaYantra. The team in ArthaYantra have been very professional and have always kept my interest in mind rather than their interests and have recommended the right products for me without any Bias.

I would highly recommend ArthaYantra to all people.
Zareen Raza (Assistant Manager, One of the Big Four Consultancy)
2013-09-02, 11:12
I had no clue where my money was going nor did I have an objective Financial Goal for myself. Before getting an advice from ArthaYantra I used to do only tax planning as a part of my personal financial management. I thought the instruments that I held would help me in my Financial Goals. ArthaYantra’s Financial Plan was an eye-opener.

When I was suggested to take ArthaYantra’s help to manage my Personal Finance, I was apprehensive, simply because there is not a single company in India which is customer centric. I was in for a pleasant surprise though. ArthaYantra’s Financial Advice helped me set my Goals objectively, they explained me the instruments that I would need to achieve my Goals, and also helped me get rid of junk Insurances that I had. The whole process was very professional and transparent. I would strongly recommend ArthaYantra to every working professional to manage their Personal Finance. A big thank you ArthaYantra. Thanks for being my CFO!!
Dinakar Atukuri (Tax Manager in MNC)
2013-05-08, 12:12
I am very happy with ArthaYantra. Their financial analysis helped me to concentrate on my future finances/investments. One thing which sets them apart from the market is their understanding of clients. All the way they kept my needs and Risk appetite into consideration rather than their income. They support their recommendations on facts with great visual aide. They are professional in their approach, their reactiveness encourage me to be disciplined as well looking forward to a long lasting relationship with ArthaYantra
Jyothi Prava Pattanaik (Business Analyst)
2013-05-02, 11:11
Detailed analysis done and presented by ArthaYantra is an eye opener not only about my income and expenditure but also about the investment instruments I hold.
Deepak Varma M (Lead Business Analyst)
2013-02-04, 08:11
Realization about financial literary happened through ArthaYantra. The report was detailed enough to make me understand my goals/finances better. Looking forward to work with you.
Sanjoy Kumar
2012-11-02, 11:07
I wish to say that this site is showing how our money can be used for better future, helps us to define and achieve our financial goal, about our income and expenditure. Now I feel better and confident about my financial status.
Sandeep N.
2012-10-07, 11:06
I appreciate ArthaYantra for providing integrated online financial planning tool. I certainly appreciate the recommendation which ArthaYantra( Arthos) has given which almost matches to the recommendations given by my CFP. I strongly recommend to use ARTHOS.
Dipankar (Delivery Manager in Software Services)
2011-11-12, 05:10
Let me start with a big “thank you” to you and your team at ArthaYantra. I went through your report and recommendations that you had prepared based on my financial data and goals. The report has turned out to be a very timely and significant whistle blower for me. It definitely saved me from landing into a mess that would have otherwise resulted out of lack of long term planning, the expertise to do so and more fundamentally, not taking a holistic look into my financial goals, sources, status, priorities.

I do appreciate the meticulous way ArthaYantra had analyzed my data and established the need to relook at my goals and the means to achieve them.
Pujitha Singh
2011-10-08, 11:08
First Impression on the tool is still clear in mind. Appealing to eyes, very extensive and user friendly especially to the person who does lot of financial planning. Highly recommended!
Chidananda Reddy
2011-10-03, 08:05
Good work. The website is very useful in creating designing a portfolio on our own.
Hemanth (India Head of a Multinational Company)
2011-09-10, 01:10
ArthaYantra team helped me identify my long term financial objectives in a systematic manner and came up with a comprehensive investment plan to help meet my objectives. Through out the planning and execution phase

ArthaYantra team has worked with me in a professional manner , answered all my questions patiently and guided me through the whole process in a methodical way. Especially their structured approach from analysis to planning and to execution is quite impressive.

I do not think I would have got this kind of analysis and clarity of thinking from anyone else in this (personal finance) industry.

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