Dependants with Special Needs

Financial Planning for dependants with special needs

Being able to provide a life of dignity and equality to dependents with special needs requires special financial planning. As the needs are different and the responsibility is enormous, benefit from ArthaYantra’s expertise in special needs financial planning.

Special Needs Financial Planning entails a three- step strategy:

A Special Needs Financial Planning Roadmap
Goal setting
Vision of a secure future for your dependents with special needs

This strategy is vital as it will help you formulate the kind of life you want for your dependant with special needs after your lifetime. Since there is no guarantee that government programs or funding available today may continue into the future, you need to :

    • Prepare a Will
    • Appoint a Guardian
    • Write a letter of intent for future caregivers
    • Make Living Arrangements
    • Provide for Daily Care and Education
    • Utilize Government Benefits

ArthaYantra can help you in your Special Needs Financial Planning. Talk to our financial advisor about a suitable strategy to ensure a safe future for your dependant with special needs.

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