Financial Goals

Every Indian family on an average has aspirations to meet 5 financial goals. These are goals that have to be met and cannot be compromised, yet only a few know how to achieve them. At AY our job is to help you identify financial goals and then lay a clear path for you to achieve them.

Our unique Goal based approach to financial advice helps our customers do the right things first.

The following steps are involved:
1. Identify and increase your available resources
2. Identify and Prioritize the Goals
3. Allocate resources to the Goal
4. Steps to reach the goals
5. Track Goals

We are the only financial services organization which takes you through the entire Goal achievement cycle and we are there with you till your goals are achieved. Want to know where you are on any particular Goal? Simple, you can track the progress of your goals using our Goal Tracker feature on our platform Arthos, which is India’s first real time Goal Tracker.

Since our approach is purely goal based, the entire advice revolves around achievement of Goals. We are currently helping our clients achieve more than 4 lakh financial goals. Close to 6000 goals have already been achieved. So what happens when you achieve your goals? Simple, your other goals become more achievable because they get more money allocated from your portfolio. Is it that Easy? With ArthaYantra with you, it always is.