Financial Planning Our advice is provided across current financial health, goals, risk, investments and taxes.

Financial Health Check

A financial health check is advisable for you to be aware of your financial standing and to avert financial losses. Taking into account your age, marital status, employment status, property or other holdings and annual income, we look at the various elements that make up your overall financial health:

  • Budgeting your income and expenditure
  • Building good credit
  • Controlling debt
  • Curbing unnecessary spending
  • Identifying and attaining your financial goals
  • Making the right investments
Getting a financial health checkup done is very important to understand where the family stands today in terms of personal finance. It determines the income, ascertains the spending patterns and also helps to know the level of savings one can or has to do. This diagnosis will help in determining whether an individual’s financial situation is under control and how good are the investments being made towards achieving the goals. This analysis of financial position will also help in planning the future better by setting some goals and personal financial plans to go about achieving these goals.

ARTHOS helps you get a financial health check up by analyzing your spending patterns, various income sources and suggests an actionable plan to help you achieve your goals.