Harshad Pithadiya
"Based on my current financial state, future goals and risk appetite Arthayantra provided me with an impressive custom portfolio with exposure to multiple asset classes. They also helped me save additional 10% every month. Their prompt & responsive client servicing further increased my admiration for what Arthayantra is doing for the working professional."
Harshad Pithadiya 35 Years, Hyderabad
Tarun Manchanda
"Most times when I saved money, I could not relate to the impact that savings would have on my future. At Arthayantra, I was able to prioritize my future goals, save for them and also assess my performance on each goal."
Tarun Manchanda 31 Years, Hyderabad
Kumar Sanjay
"ArthaYantra’s online advisory platform is simple, reliable and easy to access from any place to manage my personal finance. With their hassle free investment process there was remarkable increase in my investable surplus within no time. Regular review and rebalance of my portfolio is an added advantage."
Kumar Sanjay 40 Years, Delhi
Venkat Adabala
"My busy life style never allowed me to assess where I stood financially. When I took ArthaYantra’s help, I realized that I can do much better than what I was doing. Now am investing 57.14% of my take home salary through ArthaYantra. Did not imagine that this kind of service possible for a working class professional."
Venkat Adabala 32 Years, Vizag
Sripad Patil
"Being disciplined is the key part in managing one’s personal finance, which I was able to teach my 19 years old son by making him invest regularly through ArthaYantra for his higher education. I was doing this because I believed in their advice and their continuous follow up with the client proved me their commitment and made me to choose this platform for my son Mihir Patil."
Sripad Patil 53 Years, Bangalore
Jimi Bhatt
“My scope of managing personal finance was broadened with the qualitative suggestions by ArthaYantra. The way I perceived to save money for future has changed with the knowledge shared by ArthaYantra up on investing into multiple asset classes.”
Jimi Bhatt 36 Years, Hyderabad
Srinivasu Nalla
"I chose ArthaYantra as my financial advisor to save money for my family right from first salary. After taking ArthaYantra’s advice I could save money optimally and could relate where I would stand financially in future. Recommended to all working individuals."
Srinivasu Nalla 22 Years, Hyderabad
Nipun Kanade
"I Signed up to Arthayantra when I got my first job. Started to save through them from my first salary. Arthayantra has helped me to set clear financial goals and save for them. My savings will only increase from here."
Nipun Kanade 23 Years, Indore
 Dinesh Shrivastava
“ArthaYantra’s financial advice has brought a significant change in my approach towards managing my personal finance. They customized my portfolio according to my goals and needs. Their consistent review and rebalancing of portfolio has increased my savings by helping to prevent leakage of my money. I recommend ArthaYantra to every Senior Citizen as we can access it easily and their advice is reliable.”
Dinesh Shrivastava 58 Years, Hyderabad
Jai Raj
“Today, it is tough to get an unbiased financial advice but ArthaYantra helped me to know where I went wrong in my finances. To have this kind of financial service available for Senior Citizens will help us to save better for post-retired life. I can see an improvement in my finances after taking their advice and would recommend them to my friends and family members.”
Jai Raj 59 years, Chennai
Indranil Mondal
Even though we pretend to be a know-it-all among our peers, when it comes to money, it's better to take the advice of experts. Arthayantra's financial advisors went out of their way to explain to me the process by which I can reach my financial goals.Their strategy helped me fight inflation and make fruitful investments. Moreover they made me realize how I was spending more and helped me cut down on unnecessary expenses thus increasing my monthly surplus. At the end of the day, money makes more money! So, thank you team Arthayantra for your wonderful service.
Indranil Mondal 26 years, Kolkata

Our name is inspired from the famous historical book Arthashastra, written by the great Indian philosopher Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. 350-275 BCE) over 2,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Artha means wealth and Yantra means an Instrument. Literally translated, ArthaYantra means an Instrument that enables the creation of wealth and all round prosperity

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