Financial Planning

Our advice is provided across current financial health, goals, risk, investments and taxes.

Goal Planning

Once you know your financial standing, the next logical step is goal setting to remedy the weak spots in your financial health. The long journey of goal planning starts with a step. The first step is to identify your goals. The next would be to break these goals down into measurable goals- short term (less than 1 year), medium term (1 to 3 years) and long term (5 years and more).

A financial advisor can help you educate to increase your net worth by making the right investments. Lastly, your financial progress has to be evaluated at regular intervals- monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. This is imperative so that you know that you are steadily on the way to achieving your goals step by step.

As your CFO, we help you to

Identify your financial goals
Determine the timeframe for these goals
Increase your net worth and
Evaluate your progress

Our online personal finance planning software ARTHOS helps you plan your goals in a more disciplined and scientific manner. You can even track the performance of your investments made for achieving your goals using Goal Tracker.