ARTHOS: An Advanced Platform, Yet Simple to Use

Interact With the Demo Below To Understand How It Helps You

First, You Enter Your Financial Information
My Current Statusstep 1 plan
My Goalsstep 2 plan
My Risk Assessmentstep 3 plan
Next, Your Financial Advice is Generated
advice by arthos
Your personalized advice is immediately provided, along with a custom-built portfolio for your investments. You will be assigned a certified personal advisor to help you understand your advice.
Put Your Financial Advice to Work By
Investing in Mutual Fundsinvestment portfolio
Buying other Recommended Productsarthos products
A single platform to enable buying of not just the recommended mutual funds, but other financial products!
Finally, Manage Your Journey with Us!
Review and Rebalance your Portfoliotrack your investments
Track Your Goalstrack your goals
Track your investments and goals real time, and watch yourself make your way towards a healthy financial life.
Review/Update Your Financial Plan as per Changing Life Situations
review the plan
Go through 6-monthly reviews of your financial plan to ensure your recommendations accommodate the changes in your life.

How Do We Make This Possible For You

arthos is interconnected

In real life, your financial decisions are interconnected. Our technology is developed to assess the impact of every financial decision you make on all other aspects and provide your advice accordingly.

financial decisions

ARTHOS uses these decision algorithms to build the interconnections based on the provided financial information and arrive at the right advice for you.

advice pyramid

The financial plan generated for you follows the Financial Pyramid structure, ensuring that your foundation is strong and resources are smartly allocated so that your goals are achieved.

Why Do Our Users Love Us?

  • Despite our sophisticated technology, we are simple to use and avoid using confusing or complex language.
  • Get your financial planning, execution and tracking done entirely online! Say goodbye to office visits.
  • Every query regarding your finances will be answered, no matter how silly or complicated!
  • We provide great support to our users at every step of their journey with us. Think money, Think ArthaYantra!
ArthaYantra has built an automated financial advisor (roboadvisor) based on an algorithm-engine that advises users on wealth management. The algorithm engine can be replicated in other verticals and to other clients needing an automated decision engine.