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ArthaYantra offers one click registration. Simple and easy access to ARTHOS, financial advisory platform, by registering yourself with your name, email address, gender and mobile number. We recommend you to further secure your information by generating an OTP on your mobile number as each mobile number is unique for an individual.



Check Financial Health

For ARTHOS to ascertain your Financial Health, you are required to fill your details in the given comprehensive form. Use <GO TO PLAN> to start entering your information. Your completeness of information will enable you to arrive at your Personal Finance Quotient (PFQ). This score indicates your financial health across 45 factors related to personal finance. You will see it improve with our qualitative advice.

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In order to make plans for the future, you need to know where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Thus, financial goal-setting is very much like planning the itinerary for a vacation or business-related trip. While selecting a goal you need to select the time frame for your goal, i.e. when you want the goal to be achieved and the amount you need to meet your goal. You can estimate the money required today for your goal. We will consider inflation while determining the money you will actually require to meet your goals after some years.

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Generate Financial Advice

ArthaYantra’s high quality scientific advice includes Goals Advice, Risk Advice, Tax Advice and Investment Advice at the cost of one advice! To make you understand your personalized advice and to further resolve all your doubts, you will be assigned a certified personal adviser. Our adviser helps you understand every part of your advice and your expenses. In most cases, our advice helps you start saving more by 21%. This end to end advisory with holistic approach towards your financial plan is now available @ Rs 1000/- only.

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ArthaYantra provides one click implementation process to start your investments and avail product like EWill and more. You don’t have to pay us for this one step integration. All you need is KYC documentation to be completed before walking the path of your success!

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Track, Review & Rebalance

No process is complete without taking the feedback on how the advice is performing! We believe in hand holding you throughout your journey with us. We track and analyse your investments real time to make sure they are aligned with your goals. We review and re-balance your portfolio periodically every six months or on basis of market driven conditions.

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