Once you upgrade to Elite membership, our online platform, ARTHOS will require you to update all your financial details including debts, regular expenses, income, savings etc. Our machine learning takes into consideration the minutest detail of your personal finance including how much you may be spending on milk to the frequency of your movie visits or other random expenses. Once you have provided all the details, ARTHOS will-

1. Study your existing cash flow
2. Compare your income versus expenses
3. Identify unnecessary expenses
4. Study if a current financial product you own is worth continuing
5. Determine if you have adequate surplus and if not suggest avenues to achieve the same!

Once ARTHOS generates a comprehensive report of your personal finance, our professional advisors study the same to offer you customised solutions. You are given a complete explanation of the report leading to advisory on how to manage, if any, bad credit or debts or recommend investment avenues that’ll reap you better returns.

In simple words, this entire exercise of money management will lead to an increase of your investible surplus by up to 21% on a month on month basis.

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