Get Custom Built Mutual Fund Portfolio that Outperforms Market

Using Modern Finance and Technology we build and manage portfolio that provide best Risk - Rewards Outcome

1 Yr Return 8.29% 0.38%
3 Yr Return 19.50% 10.79%
5 Yr Return 19.89% 14.52%
Riskiness 10.35% 17.21%
Sharpe 0.82 -0.38
Sortino 1.19 -0.53
Alpha 5.23 0
Beta 0.76 1

Our Portfolios have delivered 35-50% more returns than market


Risk Profiling

Risk Appetite
We identify how you react to Risk using advance behavioral finance technique. Our 20 question Risk Questionaire is rated among Top 5 in India
Risk Capacity
We idenfity your Risk Capacity by analysing your financial details like expense, assets, Liabilities and dependant. This Tells us if You should take risk or Not.


Your Goal's Priority, Criticality, Tenure and Value is analysed and used as critical input to design Your risk- Return Optimized Portfolio.


Your Investable surplus amount, its frequency and Certainity is analysed and used as input for Portfolio Generation

Asset Diversification And Allocation

Basis Your Risk Profile, Goals and Surplus, we use Modern Portfolio Theory developed by Nobel Price Winner Harry Markowitz to identify the right asset Allocation for You This theory ensures that for a given riskiness the maximum possible return is found by identifying the right mix of asset classes that delivers the higest return among all possible outcomes. This particular mix of asset class is called The efficient frontier. We use more than 8 different asset classes and then run more than 15 million simulations to identify just the right asset allocation that will get maximum return for Your Portfolio at your level of Riskiness

Fund Selection

To Identify the Best Fund for each of Your Identified Asset Class, Our properiatory alogorithm calculates and compares more than 30+ different parameters over different time periods across all available Funds in Market and identfies the Best Fund by using our properiatory weighted Ranking Algorithm.

Regression Test

Your Portfolio thus built by asset allocation and fund selection for each asset class is then regression tested against past historical data to ensure that the outcome of returns at the risk level is aligned with expectation. Only then Your Portfolio is allocated to You.

The Outcome

Portfolios that delivers Higher Returns at lower Risk
ArthaYantra Long Term Moderate Vs NIFTY
Happy Customers
Cities across 30 Countries
Goals Enabled
4 Patents & 6 Trademarks




of our customers are extremely satisfied with our services.


of our customers refer us to their friends and family.

23 years | Bangalore

"I chose ArthaYantra as my financial advisor to save money for my family right from first salary. After taking ArthaYantra’s advice I could save money optimally and could relate where I would stand financially in future. Recommended to all working individuals."

36 years | Hyderabad

"My scope of managing personal finance was broadened with the qualitative suggestions by ArthaYantra. The way I perceived to save money for future has changed with the knowledge shared by ArthaYantra up on investing into multiple asset classes."

42 years | Delhi

"ArthaYantra's online advisory platform is simple, reliable and easy to accss from any place to manage my personal finance. With their hassle free investment process there was remarkable increase in my investable surplus within no time. Regular review and rebalance of my portfolio is an added advantage."

25 years | Chennai

"I signed up to ArthaYantra when i got my first job. Started to save through them from my first salary. ArthaYantra has helped me to set clear financial goals and save for them. My savings will only increase from here."

37 years | Hyderabad

"Based on my current financial state, future goals and risk appetite Arthayantra provided me with an impressive custom portfolio with exposure to multiple asset classes. They also helped me save additional 10% every month. Their prompt & responsive client servicing further increased my admiration for what Arthayantra is doing for the working professional."

54 Years | Bangalore

"I wanted my 21 year old son to regularly invest through ArthaYantra for his higher education. I was doing this because i believed in their advice and their continuous follow up with the client proved me their commitment and made me to choose this platform for my son Mihir Patil."

FOR 90,000+ USERS

Our Certified Financial planner first increases the money you can invest by analysing your existing expenses, Insurances, Assets and Liabilities by using our Machine learning based technology.

We Then build a custom portfolio that is tailored for you and your Goals by running over 15 millions simulation, so that you can meet your financial Goals.


Dr. Vikram Kuriyan is the Clinical Professor of Finance and the Director of the Investment Laboratory at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. A PhD. from Harvard University, where he specialized in capital markets in a joint program offered by the departments of economics, engineering sciences and the Harvard Business School, Dr. Kuriyan is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Prior to ISB, he was the Chairman of the global asset allocation committee and the global head of quantitative strategies at Bank of America’s Asset Management Division. His unit managed over $30 billion of client assets that ranged from retail to the most sophisticated institutional investors, across a multiplicity of strategies including equity, asset allocation and absolute return products.
Dr. Vivek Mansingh is a Ph.D. from the Queen’s University, Canada and aStanford University alumnus. Also a Gold Medalist from NIT Allahabad, Dr. Mansingh holds 6 US patents, has published 100s of articles and technical papers and has contributed to two books. Currently the Chairman of AxisCades, India’s leading integrated engineering services company listed on BSE, He is also a Board member at Innovate (A Canadian Knowledge Management Company), Janaagraha (India’s leading Non Profit Organisation and several other startups.
Dr. Ramana Sonti was a faculty member at Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, is currently with BITS-Pilani and holds a PhD degree in Finance from Michigan State University plus a master’s degree in finance from IIM Bangalore. Dr. Sonti has worked extensively on various aspects of investment analysis and applied portfolio management over the past decade. His research interests include corporate governance, institutional investment behaviour and financial product markets.
Dr. Dhara is currently the CTO & Chief Scientist at a silicon valley startup and holds a PhD in Computer Science from Iowa State University. He was with Bell Labs, Bell Labs Innovations, and Avaya Labs. Dr. Dhara has a proven track record of innovating deep technological solutions and integrating them into products. His recent work focuses on leveraging data mining, novel collaboration services, and predictive data analytics to deliver profit and growth opportunities, and to influence business strategy.

Our name is inspired from the famous historical book Arthashastra, written by the great Indian philosopher Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. 350-275 BCE) over 2,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Artha means wealth and Yantra means an Instrument. Literally translated, ArthaYantra means an Instrument that enables the creation of wealth and all round prosperity

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