Portfolio Management

Best Of Global Methodologies Used To Build Your Portfolio

Risk Profiling

Risk Appetite
We identify how you react to Risk using advance behavioral finance technique. Our 20 question Risk Questionaire is rated among Top 5 in India

Risk Capacity
We identify your Risk Capacity by analyzing your financial details like expense, assets, Liabilities and dependant. This Tells us if You should take risk or Not.


Your Goal’s Priority, Criticality, Tenure and Value is analysed and used as critical input to design Your risk- Return Optimized Portfolio.


Your Investable surplus amount, its frequency and Certainity is analysed and used as input for Portfolio Generation

Asset Diversification And Allocation

Basis Your Risk Profile, Goals and Surplus, we use Modern Portfolio Theory developed by Nobel Price Winner Harry Markowitz to identify the right asset Allocation for You This theory ensures that for a given riskiness the maximum possible return is found by identifying the right mix of asset classes that delivers the higest return among all possible outcomes. This particular mix of asset class is called The efficient frontier. We use more than 8 different asset classes and then run more than 15 million simulations to identify just the right asset allocation that will get maximum return for Your Portfolio at your level of Riskiness

Fund Selection

To Identify the Best Fund for each of Your Identified Asset Class, Our properiatory alogorithm calculates and compares more than 30+ different parameters over different time periods across all available Funds in Market and identfies the Best Fund by using our properiatory weighted Ranking Algorithm.

Regression Test

Your Portfolio thus built by asset allocation and fund selection for each asset class is then regression tested against past historical data to ensure that the outcome of returns at the risk level is aligned with expectation. Only then Your Portfolio is allocated to You.

The Outcome

Portfolios that delivers Higher Returns at lower Risk
ArthaYantra Long Term Moderate Vs NIFTY