Refund Policy

This policy is pertaining to the Execute Module in Arthos of ArthaYantra where the customers are enabled to transact on Third Party products like Mutual Fund, Insurance among others.


  • ArthaYantra means the company ‘ArthaYantra Corporation Private Limited’.
  • Arthos means Software portal or tool developed by ArthaYantra for delivering the service.
  • Payment Gateway means payment solution providers registered with Reserve Bank Of India.
  • Customer means any person who has availed the services of ArthaYantra.
  • AMC means Asset Management Company, a part of Mutual Fund.
  • Transaction shall mean Buy/sell/switch and other allied transactions related to Mutual funds.
  • Customer Bank Account shall mean the bank account of the customer and is registered in the ArthaYantra Investment Account Form.
  • Refund shall mean the process of repayment of a sum of money.
  • Bank charges shall mean the charges that are levied by the Customers bank to the customer.
  • Regulators shall mean the SEBI, RBI , IRDAI or PFRDAI and other government authority.
  • NIGO – Not In Good Order shall mean the transactions which do not have all requisite information to be processed as defined by the Regulators from time to time.

ArthaYantra uses third party payment gateway for facilitating transfer of money from customers bank account to Mutual Fund (hereinafter referred to as “AMCs”). Transactions will be completed only after a successful transfer of money from the customers bank account registered with ArthaYantra.

Customer can only use their bank account registered with ArthaYantra & not any other bank account

The following situations will cover the Mutual Fund Transactions (Buy/Sell/Allied services) refund policy:

  • For all customer transactions where the invested money does not reach ArthaYantra but is debited from the customer’s bank account will be governed as per the agreed Terms between the customer and his/her respective bank.
  • Transactions once completed cannot be cancelled and/or refunded. The customer will need to wait for allocation of Mutual Funds or rejection by the AMC, whichever is applicable as per the terms of the AMC.
  • In case of successful transfer of money but failure of investment transaction money would be refunded with in the specified timeline defined by the Mutual Fund houses to the registered bank account.
  • The transactions which are Not In Good Order (NIGO) will be refunded by the AMC’s directly to the clients registered bank account within the specified timeline as stated by respective AMC.
  • AMCs will directly credit the redemption proceeds to the customers registered bank account. If, in case, there are multiple bank accounts registered then the redemption will be process to the default bank account as declared by the Customer to ArthaYantra.
  • The customer can Redeem/Switch/Purchase Mutual Funds at their discretion. All losses/gains due to such transactions will be the sole responsibility of the customer only.
  • Bank Charges: Any Bank charges levied by customer’s bank for any reason whatsoever for any transaction (or failure of) related to Mutual Fund Purchase/Sell/Allied transactions will not be refunded by ArthaYantra. These bank charges are wholly and solely governed by the terms and conditions that are agreed by the Customer and his/her bank..
  • Transaction Charges: Transaction charges levied by the AMC during the purchase of the Mutual Fund is as per the prevailing regulatory provisions and ArthaYantra is not liable for refund of any such transaction charges incurred by the customer during the process of sale/purchase/allied transactions of Mutual Funds:
  • In respect of new investors i.e. first time ever investor in any Mutual Fund (for subscription / SIP only), AMC‘s deduct Rs.150/- as Transaction Charges only where the transaction / SIP commitment value is Rs.10000/- and above.
  • Where such a transaction is from an existing investor, the corresponding Transaction Charges will be Rs.100/-.
  • In respect of systematic investments (SIP only), a TC of Rs.100/- is payable in 4 equal installments, starting from the 2nd to the 5th installment, provided the total commitment towards SIP is for Rs.10000/- or above.
  • Unit holders / Investors statement of account will reflect subscription amount, transaction charges and net investment.