Financial Planning

Krestovskiy ostrov Our advice is provided across current financial health, goals, risk, investments and taxes.

Risk Planning

Wealth creation and risk planning go hand in hand. Risks can never be totally eliminated from any aspect of life. The next best thing to do is to minimise risks. The expert Financial Advisors of ArthaYantra helps you in risk planning by the following:

Risk Avoidance – Decide on what risk can be totally avoided and what cannot be.
Risk Reduction – Generally investments with high risks have better returns but how much risk is acceptable?
Risk Acceptance – Differentiate and separate acceptable and unacceptable risks to plan accordingly.
Risk Transfer – Unacceptable risks are transferred generally by means of insurance.

Using our online personal finance platform ARTHOS, you can make yourself financially secure from unexpected eventualities in life. It helps you mitigate your risk by providing a scientific approach to the insurance requirement calculations to counter financial uncertainties that arise due to unforeseen events.