360 Degree Financial Planning

ArthaYantra converts your dreams and aspirations into reality through a customized 360 degree comprehensive “Financial Planning” service. Financial Planning is the backbone of achieving financial security, and is a critical exercise to ensure long term sustainability.

Modern life is increasingly getting complicated and hectic. We are often overwhelmed by mundane problems with unfailing frequency, thereby neglecting to manage our long-term financial affairs with the care they deserve. Apart from the paucity of time, many of us don’t have the know-how to design a plan for our financial future as this requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

Most often, the undeniable need of the hour is always to obtain reliable financial advice to achieve prudent financial planning, and it is imperative that your personal financial life gets the priority it deserves. You need to develop a well-defined realistic set of goals and define appropriate strategies to turn your dreams into reality. This is made easy and possible with ArthaYantra’s comprehensive 360Degree Financial Plan which consists of:

    • Financial Statement Analysis – understanding your present financial situation and financial mistakes in the past.
    • Goals Analysis – are your goals realistic and how can they be met?
    • Risk Coverage & Planning – a fund to cover your bases when out of a job, recuperation period after hospitalisation, etc.
    • Investment Planning – we don’t necessarily need to beat the market at every step of the way, but adopt a patient attitude and wait for long term gains from investments made.
    • Tax Planning – smart planning whereby you enjoy maximum tax benefits.

Such comprehensive planning enables our customers to

    • Understand their current state
    • Plan their future in a holistic manner and
    • Accomplish goals and objectives mapped with their surpluses

We at ArthaYantra pride ourselves on the fact that we maintain absolute neutrality in the financial advice we give our customers. Our approach is simple; when trying to rectify a situation or plan for the future, we always provide you with at least 3 recommendations to choose from. It is our disciplined approach towards your secure future.




About Us

Our name is inspired from the famous historical book Arthashastra, written by the great Indian philosopher Kautilya (also known as Chanakya, c. 350-275 BCE) over 2,000 years ago. In Sanskrit, Artha means wealth and Yantra means an Instrument. Literally translated, ArthaYantra means an Instrument that enables the creation of wealth and all round prosperity. Read More


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