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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about ArthaYantra
As a startup, what are your future plans?
To be able to deliver unbiased financial life management solutions to every Indian, irrespective of their income.
How is my data secure?
We are certified by DIGICERT, SSL-128 bit encryption algorithm to secure all our client information, which is the same data security used by banks.
Due to data security, nobody can access your financial data. Only you and the assigned Certified Financial Planner can access your data
When you sign up with us, the terms and conditions and privacy policy talks about data security.
How big is your company?
We are a 100+ employees organization and growing quickly.
Do you have any mobile app?
No, we are in the process of launching it shortly.
Are you registered with SEBI?
Yes, we are a SEBI Registered Investment adviser wide registration number INA200006716.
Do you have any other branch?
No, We don’t have any branch across India. We completely operate from Hyderabad.
Difference between Arthos and My Universe, Moneycontrol, FundsIndia, ICICI?
Our portal ARTHOS is completely an integrated personal finance planning tool whereas others are budgeting/expense tracking tools.
Questions based on Financial Advice
After the IRDA regulations, I want to invest in a ULIP as there are low charges levied on the policies now, where I could get good return and I will get benefit from insurance and investments.
Firstly, It’s a misconception that ULIP comes with lower charges from market. It’s not a wise option to buy ULIPs as they are linked up with markets completely. Secondly, out of the premium paid, only a certain amount of money is being invested towards the market. The remaining amount is being deducted towards the various commission charges.
Do you advise on equity?
We do advise on equity. However the exposure to equity is primarily through Mutual Funds. We do asset allocation driven investments that require exposure to asset classes based on weightage. Mutual Funds do a much better job of conforming to asset allocation based investments. There are two type of risks: 1. Market Risk - Risk due to stock movements. 2. Systematic - Risk due to economic changes. Therefore, mutual funds reduce market risk as it has a diversifying nature. Portfolio Investments - We mix all the asset classes to diversify your investment, so that you get exposure to different type of asset classes.
Do you advice on real estate?
Depending on the goals, we advise on Real Estate but not as an investment avenue. If the client has a home buying goal, we first analyze the finances and then advice on it accordingly.
Do you advice on estate planning?
We do not cover the entire estate planning, it’s just a part of it which is WILL planning.
Will the planner be the same person for lifetime?
Your Financial Advice, Planning and Implementation process is system driven with no human bias. Hence, even if the planner changes, there wouldn’t be any change in the plan or its implementation and also we can assure a good rapport with any person in our system.
What if the planner leaves the job?
Our Unique Selling Point (USP) is our proprietary platform, ARTHOS, which generates your financial plan, monitors and tracks your investments, and helps you attain your financial goals. This is a technology and process driven process devoid of human dependence. In the unlikely event that your assigned planner leaves the job, the impact it has on you would be minimal. We ensure adequate communication is given to you in advance and your interests are kept in mind all the time while assigning a new Financial Planner.
Do you people assure returns? Do you guys definitely repair my financial health from any current form I am now in?
No, there are no guaranteed returns. Before giving any advice we will do your current financial health check up based up on your current state and thereafter, provide advice accordingly.
Can I change the allocated financial planner if I am not satisfied?
Yes, but most of our advice is completely system driven to eliminate the human interface. If you are not satisfied, you need to provide a valid reason before changing your allocated planner. However, the advice remains the same even if the planner changes.
As you do financial planning online and thus I'll not be meeting your financial planners in person , how should I trust you? Do you guys do Financial Planning by video chat or only on phone? What is the main source of communication to your clients? Do you guys use Skype/Google Hangout?
We provide complete services online and our main source of communication is either by phone or video chat options such as Skype/Google Hangout. For reference you can check testimonials written from our clients placed in the portal.
Questions based on Investments
When does online execution take place?
Currently, our online execution is active where you can do your transactions for buying and selling Mutual funds. So, once you undergo the complete financial planning activity, the next step is to execute the plan through our platform.
Will I be able to buy and sell Mutual Funds through your portal?
Yes, our proprietary platform, ARTHOS provides the option for customers to not only plan, but also transact online to buy/sell financial products.
Is there any minimum amount for investment?
No, there is no minimum amount for investments, because we fundamentally believe that everyone has the right to invest, irrespective of their ability to invest.
How frequently do you monitor my portfolio?
We review and rebalance your portfolio every 6 months. We also monitor the changes occurred in your personal and professional life to advise you accordingly based on these changes. Based on time and threshold, we rebalance your portfolio to prevent it from drifting due to market fluctuations.
I have had the worst experience investing in mutual funds and I don’t want to invest in mutual funds even though it suits my profile. Will you suggest me other asset classes apart from mutual funds?
Yes, we will be suggesting you instruments like capital bonds, money market instruments, and tax savings schemes such as NPS and PPF.
Do you advise or accommodate any structured, alternative, or high return yielding investment opportunities/options?
No, we do not advise on any such products.
How does offline execution work?
We do not have offline execution. The execution of your advice is completely online through our portal to buy, sell, redeem or switch your funds.
What is the brokerage commission that you take?
Trail commission: The AMCs directly pay us certain percentage of commissions at the end of the year based on the revenue generated.
How do we diversify the portfolio if the client does not have goals?
Even though you do not have any current financial goals, wealth creation for future is a necessity. Hence, considering factors such as risk appetite, and also the amount of wealth creation you are looking for, we design a diversified portfolio. This will also help in protecting capital from erosion caused by inflation.
What if I have 5 lakhs in hand and I want to know only about investment?
As per regulatory compulsion to invest it is required to have a plan and to help you invest, your risk profiling is necessary. Hence, we expect a minimum data entry for the process.
Will the NAV OF mutual fund portfolios be updated on daily basis on your platform?
Yes, it is updated on a daily basis.
Questions based on Our Services
Will you help in tax filing?
No, we don’t help in tax filing. We only help you in tax planning i.e understanding your tax gaps and minimizing your tax burdens by suggesting you tax saving schemes.
What if I want to discontinue with your services? What are the consequences and process?
It would be sad not to support you in your financial journey. However, in the rare instance that you are unhappy with our services, we would need you to send us a mail with the reason as to why you wish to discontinue with our services post which we will delete your account.
How does an NRI’s execution takes place and how does investments work out for them?
The NRIs can invest through the NRE or NRO account. They can route their investments into mutual funds through these accounts.
Do you provide offline services?
No, we don’t provide offline services. However, we have our Certified Financial Planners who will be guiding you continuously.
If I don’t implement the advice through you, will the renewal fee be waived off?
To continue availing our services post 1 year, renewal fees should be paid and this is not subject to the condition whether the customer implements the advice through us or not. We would strongly recommend you to implement the advice on our platform itself because it makes it easy for the platform to monitor your investments and ensure they are aligned with your goals.
As it is online portal, do you provide 24/7 customer support and live chat support?
No we are not available 24/7, we work from Mon to Sat - 9 : 30 AM to 6 : 30 PM (IST) and Sun - Closed
I want to test your software before upgrading. Major software companies like Google etc. offer a trial period. Why can’t ArthaYantra do the same?
We don’t offer any trial period. Once you signup, you have free access to the basic version. This will help you understand your current financial state.
I want to invest a lumpsum of Rs. ____ in ____. I don’t want any paid services of ArthaYantra. Can ArthaYantra help me in this regard?
No, we are fee based advisory services.
Questions based on SIP Mandate
What is ArthaYantra SIP Mandate?
ArthaYantra SIP Mandate(ASM) is an enhanced client based mandate that will be registered centrally at a client level rather than for a specific SIP with one Mutual Fund. Being a common mandate, it will be available for transactions across all Mutual Funds. As the ArthaYantra SIP Mandate is registered for “as and when presented” than for a SIP specific date, the mandate can be used for any number of SIPs and lump sum transactions across any Mutual Fund. Once the mandate is registered, the unique AYID is all that the investor needs to quote for making lump sum transactions and new SIP registration.
What are the benefits of ArthaYantra SIP Mandate?
  • ArthaYantra SIP Mandate offers the convenience of registering ASM at client level authorizing ArthaYantra through its Payment service providers to debit your bank account towards the transaction in any Mutual Fund.

  • ArthaYantra SIP Mandate brings the following significant benefits
    • One-time registration – eliminates paperwork and process time associated with separate mandate registration for each SIP in Mutual Funds
    • Convenience to register new SIP/ renew SIP quickly – current model of mandate registration lag time (usually from 15 – 30 days ) is eliminated
    • Debit instruction can be presented for any date, any number of transactions across any MF.
    • Investment through any mode – Once the mandate is registered, transactions can be submitted through Website, by simply selecting the ArthaYantra SIP Mandate as the payment mode.
    • Payment initiated by mandate registration is Better Option than paying by cheque or Net Banking for every month.
Do I need to have an account with any specific bank to register for ArthaYantra SIP Mandate facility?
No. The Arthayantra Mandate facility is not restricted to a particular bank/ branch/ location. As long as a bank is participating in the NACH (National Automated Clearing House) system, you can register ArthaYantra SIP Mandate facility for any of the bank branches. Presently, ArthaYantra SIP Mandate can be registered across 800+ Banks where most mutual fund investors are likely to have their account.
Can I transact for any amount once the mandate is registered?
Investor needs to provide an upper limit amount in the mandate form. This limit is applicable for every debit instruction that is presented to the bank account. As the upper limit amount is applicable for every transaction, multiple transactions can be presented on the same day. However, no single transaction can exceed the upper limit set in the mandate.
How do I register ArthaYantra SIP Mandate? Do I have to be an investor for registering Common Mandate?
You do not have to be an existing investor to register for this. You can provide the ArthaYantra SIP Mandate along with your Goal enabler Form .
In how many days will ArthaYantra SIP Mandate get registered?
Mandate registration varies from bank to bank. It can take from 12 days to 30 days. Once the mandate is registered, subsequent new SIPs can be initiated with this readily set-up mandate by logging into Arthos.
How, will I come to know about the successful registration of ArthaYantra SIP Mandate?
After successful registration, a SMS/email will be sent to the investor.
What is process after successful registration of ArthaYantra SIP Mandate? Will the money be deducted from my bank account?
No, this facility is just an enabler of auto debit facility and the actual money will be deducted only after the implementation starts and the investor confirms the purchase of SIP and gives an authentication online.
How many SIPs can I register through this facility?
There is no restriction on the number of SIPs that can be registered through this facility.
How do I cancel ArthaYantra SIP Mandate registration?
You can request for cancellation of the ArthaYantra SIP Mandate facility by submitting the ‘One Time Debit Mandate Form’ and indicate cancellation.