We are the world’s only full service robo-advisor and this would mean we are a one stop solution for all your personal finance related needs. Gone are the days, when it would get difficult to gather your financial documents or even to seek the right financial advice. Our technology has disrupted the process by which accessing financial advisor would be an exclusive privilege to the HNIs alone. We offer personal financial solutions to all irrespective of one’s income bracket. You would be glad to know that we have customers whose monthly income is as low as INR 5000 but their dreams are as large and beautiful and we are working together to achieve them by all means of financial discipline and proper investment allocation.

Wherever you go, at any point in time, all you have to do is to just login to your ARTHOS account and access information on your assets & liabilities, risks and securities, investments, savings and anything that has to do with your personal finance. Our service is so comprehensive that you need not look elsewhere for any help! Our platform fulfills all your financial needs in one place. Only one password to all your financial requirements and probably the only password that you share with your spouse.